The Best 3 Day Itinerary for Las Vegas with Kids

Aerial view of Las Vegas strip in Nevada - 3 Day Las Vegas with Kids Itinerary

Las Vegas is the last place I thought I’d be writing an article for a family travel blog but when we decided to connect our trip to California with a visit to the Grand Canyon we were looking for a cheap place to fly five people home from. Tickets out of Las Vegas couldn’t be beaten! After doing a little research we were surprised to find that mixed into the adult glitz, glamour, and gaming there are a ton of fun things to do in Las Vegas with kids too! So we decided to add a few days for exploring. Boy, are we glad we did!

Between all the outdoor activities, awe-inspiring animal encounters, thrilling rides, museums, shows and sweet treats we had a total blast exploring Las Vegas. We know that you would too! So we are sharing our three-day itinerary for Las Vegas with kids to give you an idea of all the family-friendly attractions, restaurants, hotels and shows there are to enjoy along with some travel tips to help you plan that perfect Las Vegas family vacation and save big on your visit!





We divided our itinerary days up geographically by South Strip Attractions, North Strip Attractions and a third day to take a day trip and visit Downtown. We found 3 days in Las Vegas to be a good amount of time to see the top tourist sites in a way that minimizes any backtracking. With so many great sights, attractions, and entertainment choices available you would have no problems filling a fun vacation itinerary even longer.


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We started our day of exploring Las Vegas South Strip attractions at the world-famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. This classic neon sign has been an emblem of Las Vegas since 1959 appearing on millions of postcards and countless movies. The sign sits in the center of the median of Las Vegas Boulevard, half a mile south of Russel Road. Since we had a car, we simply utilized the free parking area just off to the side of the sign. The only caveat is that you enter by driving southbound on Las Vegas Boulevard. If you are driving from the Strip you will need to make a U-turn to access the parking lot. If you don’t have a vehicle it would be a cinch to take an Uber or Lyft or even walk if you are staying in one of the Southern-most hotels on the Strip, like Mandalay Bay.

Don’t be deterred if you arrive and there is a lengthy line. Photo ops move quickly. You may find that costumed actors like “Elvis” are on hand to pose with you. They will often work with a handler who can take photos with your camera for a nominal tip. We found that them to be total pros, knowing just how to pose people quickly to get the optimal shots.







We then parked our car back at the hotel and headed for the  World of Coca-Cola. Located in the Showcase Mall just north of the MGM Grand on the Las Vegas Strip, the Coca-Cola store celebrates the iconic soda, selling a vast array of Coca-Cola brand apparel, accessories, housewares, and other novelty items. We didn’t come just to shop though. The Beverage Bar located on the second floor sells an “Around the World” tray of soda samples that allows you to taste different drinks popular in other countries. We received a 4 oz. portion of 16 different sodas split over two trays. That’s a lot of soda for just one person but perfect for sharing among a family. Along with the soda trays, you get a list of all the drinks and what country they are from. We had a lot of fun, seeing everyone’s reaction to some of the more, shall we say, “unique” flavors.






Located on the strip in the Showcase Mall next to the MGM Grand, M&M’s World features four floors of chocolate-themed displays for kids and an abundant opportunity to buy M&M branded gear and goodies in a rainbow of colors. We let our kids pick some of the M&M’s from the giant tubes that line an entire wall of the store. Even using a coupon, we spent $40 on this pay per ounce candy. There is some free fun to be enjoyed here though! We took in a cute action-adventure short 3-D movie on the fourth floor that stars the M&Ms characters and some live actors. There is also an area where you can personalize your own M&M’s and watch them being made as well as a replica of the M&M NASCAR stock car.







Next, we headed to the Paris hotel for a bit of the City of Lights experience right in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. The property offers up some of France’s most iconic sites such as a replica of the L’Arc de Triomphe, the Paris Opera House, and the Louvre but the pièce de résistance is the 46 story half-size replica of France’s famous Eiffel Tower.

The experience begins with a glass elevator ride up 460-feet above Las Vegas. Once at the top we enjoyed an amazing 360-degree bird’s eye view of the Strip, the Bellagio fountains, and the valley. Access to the Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck in included with the Go Card Las Vegas but it’s important to note that it is for the daytime tours only between 9:30 AM-5:00 PM. It’s a wonderful way to get the feeling of being in France for a fraction of the cost while at the same time taking in one of Las Vegas’ most quintessential experiences.







From the Paris Hotel, it was a short walk to the neighboring property, Bally’s, to take in the “Real Bodies” exhibit included with our Go Card Las Vegas. This powerful and moving mini-museum highlights the amazing things the human body is capable of and is an intriguing experience if you have curious kids like we do. The immersive displays showcase over 20 real human bodies that have been meticulously dissected and preserved in ways that demonstrate various aspects of the human anatomy organ by organ, system by system with a focus on how everything is connected. It’s very educational and led to some great discussions with our kids about bodily functions like breathing, hunger, and the rhythm of the heart.







Using one of the many bridges pedestrian bridges that go over Las Vegas Boulevard we crossed over to The Bellagio Hotel. The Conservatory and Botanical Garden here is another fantastic free attraction for families in Las Vegas! Located just past the lobby inside a sky-lit atrium a team of master horticulturalists and landscape designers construct stunningly beautiful scenes using trees, flowers, plants, and structural elements. The elaborate displays change seasonally as well as during major holidays. We were blown away by this impressive attraction. It doesn’t take long to visit but should be on your list of things to do in Las Vegas with kids. The Conservatory is open for 24 hours a day, except for the days between seasonal displays but can get quite crowded.



In addition to the flower display, the Bellagio has the most amazing display of Chihuly glasswork covering the ceiling of the lobby. Stop and take a minute to take in the 2,000-square foot blown glass installation known as Fiori di Como’. Our kids loved all the colors!







After checking out the inside the Bellagio we stepped out front for what is undoubtedly the hotel’s most famous attraction and signature spectacle; the Bellagio Fountain Show. Millions of gallons of water are sprayed to heights of 240 feet above the hotel’s massive 8.5-acre artificial lake in a computer-controlled fountain show synchronized in time to the music.  The choreography of the fountains changes with the music which ranges from classical to contemporary. The free show is easy to catch as it runs Monday through Friday every half hour between 3 pm-8 pm then every 15 minutes to midnight. On the weekend it runs from 12 pm-8 pm every half hour and 8 pm-midnight every 15 minutes. The elegant performance looks slightly different from every angle, but we recommend getting there at a few minutes early to nab a spot for an unobstructed view.







For lunch, we headed to the Planet Hollywood Restaurant located inside the huge retail realm of the Forum Shops in Caesar’s Palace. Our Go Cards included a $15 credit towards any food or beverage purchase which completely covered the cost of our meal. There were a variety of dishes to choose from on the classic, American fare menu under the $15 price point. Plus, the family-friendly atmosphere, music, and flat-screen T.V.s showing Hollywood favorites kept the kids entertained. As well as the Hollywood-themed puzzles and trivia on their placemats. Originally started by famous celebrities like Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, and Arnold Schwarzenegger the restaurant chain includes a sprinkling of movie memorabilia throughout the dining area. You won’t want to miss checking out the authentic costumes and props.







After lunch, we made our way deeper into the Roman-themed retail realm that is the Forum Shops to find the “Fall of Atlantis Show”. This free 15-minute pyrotechnic packed show features 9-foot-tall animatronic Greek gods fighting for power over the empire. Without giving too much away, the story captivates kids with special effects like fireballs and water fountains even if it can be a little hard to hear the dialogue. My advice is to try and snag a spot up close at least ten minutes before the show. The show plays every hour on the hour beginning at 11:00 am daily and running until 10:00 or 11:00 pm depending on the day. The backside of the attraction features a large aquarium the kids will enjoy as well.







We continued south along Las Vegas Boulevard to the New York-New York. The hotel occupies a full block of the strip with scale models of famous Big Apple attractions like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and the Brooklyn Bridge. One notable addition amongst the replicas is the red steel coaster that weaves its way through the faux Manhattan skyline. The taxi-cab themed coaster starts with a slow climb to build-up your anticipation before rapidly dropping 80 feet. You pick up speed fast and make your way through a series of hills, inversions, vertical loops, and a corkscrew spiral all while whizzing by replicas of New York City icons. Our Go Card Las Vegas included a ticket for one ride on the Big Apple Roller Coaster however it’s important to note that participants must be 54” to ride. There is a large arcade located just outside the ride entrance for those who are too short or just not crazy about coasters.







Also located inside the New York, New York hotel is Hershey’s Chocolate World. The 2-story, 13,000 square-foot flagship store showcases over 800 Hershey’s chocolate and candies and offers store-exclusive gifts, products, and treats. Kids can customize their own candy bars and S’mores or send an e-card to friends and family back home from the social media booth. Be sure to check out the little details, like the store light fixtures and of course, posing with the fun sculptures made of candy is also a must!







The Excalibur Hotel was our next stop. This cartoonish Arthurian castle is regarded as one of the most “family-friendly” properties on the Strip. While we only took a walk around to explore, the hotel is home to a Fun Dungeon arcade and the Tournament of Kings Dinner Show. The medieval-themed dinner show consists of fighting, dancing, singing, toasting, and jousting. Eating with your hands is mandatory here! What kids wouldn’t get a kick out of doing that while rooting for their favorite valiant knight?







Next-door to Excalibur is another family favorite hotel; The Luxor. This Egyptian themed resort is hard to miss with its pyramid shape, giant Sphinx of Giza replica and intense beam light bright enough to be seen from space. The atrium inside is the world’s largest at 29 million cubic feet and includes more eye-catching Egyptian decor. There are also several family-friendly attractions housed inside the Luxor. The hotel hosts “Bodies“, a similar exhibit to the “Real Bodies” one we explored at Bally’s earlier in the day. Since the Bally’s exhibit allows photos and the Luxor one does not we don’t have any interior photos to include for this post, however, admission is included in the Go Las Vegas Card.

Admission is also included to the “Titanic; The Artifact Exhibition” also located inside the Luxor’s lobby. The 25,000 square-foot exhibit tells the story of the luxury ocean liner that sank on a calm night in 1912 when it struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean. Actual artifacts recovered from the ship are on display including luggage, the ship’s whistles, floor tiles from the first-class smoking room, a window frame from the Verandah Cafe, and an unopened bottle of champagne with a 1900 vintage sticker. In addition, the exhibit features a piece of Titanic’s hull, a full-scale re-creation of the Grand Staircase and Promenade Deck as well as recreations of the passenger rooms. No photos are allowed inside this attraction either.







Las Vegas also offers an incredible array of spectacular shows. While most are geared towards adults, Las Vegas does have plenty of shows that are appropriate for the whole family to enjoy. We ended Day 1 of our Las Vegas Itinerary with one of the best; Blue Man Group. Which was also conveniently located inside the Luxor hotel. This wild and wacky show is a multi-sensory experience that defies categorization. It’s a delightful blend of rock-concert, comedy, dance party and interactive elements that brings the audience together for a euphoric, very colorful celebration of life.

Audience members interact with the blue-painted performers and may even be chosen to be part of the show itself. There is even a public meet-and-greet photo opportunity with the cast and musicians in the lobby after the show.

You’ll want to wear comfortable, easily washable, or non-dry-clean-only clothes, just in case you get splashed with “material” from the stage. Audience members seated in the ‘splash zone’ seats are provided with disposable plastic ponchos. It’s not necessary to sit up-front to have a great view. The intimate theater design ensures there really isn’t a bad seat in the house. Shows last between 90-105 minutes with no intermission so this is something to keep in mind with little ones.

Go Las Vegas Card 3, 5 and 7-day “All-Inclusive” passes include a choice of one “premium experience.” Blue Man Group tickets are one of the premium experience options. This makes the Go Cards an even better value when you consider the cost of the tickets on their own.










Our second day of exploring Las Vegas focused on North Strip attractions. We started at the LINQ Promenade an outdoor shopping, dining, and entertainment complex that sits just off the Strip between the Flamingo and LINQ hotels. There are more than a dozen places to have a meal from fancy options to grab and go fare like In-N-Out Burger and Sprinkles cupcakes. We just passed through on our way to the LINQ Zipline and High Roller Wheel also located in the LINQ Promenade complex.

The centerpiece of the LINQ entertainment complex is the High Roller Wheel, the tallest observation wheel in the world. It is, without a doubt the coolest Ferris Wheel we have ever experienced. Measuring 550 feet tall and 520 feet in diameter, this wheel takes thirty minutes to complete one revolution and gives you amazing 360-degree panoramic views of the entire Las Vegas Strip and surrounding city. Our Go Las Vegas Card included daytime entry valid from 11:30 am – 4:59 pm. We found this to be a fantastic time to visit as we ended up having one of the 28 glass-enclosed air-conditioned pods all to ourselves. It was a fantastic way to get off our feet for a while and enjoy a peaceful break in the middle of our busy day.







Just off the LINQ Promenade, we found the entrance to the Flamingo Hotel. This hotel is home to yet another one of Las Vega’s free kid-friendly attractions; The Flamingo Wildlife Habitat. Birds of a decidedly pink feather hang out here in the lush outdoor courtyard just steps away from the Casino floor. While the vibrant Chilean flamingos are the main attraction, you can also spot swans, ducks, turtles, koi, a couple pelicans and parrots who do photo ops (for a fee). If you time your visit right, you can also catch one of the daily live feedings. Our kids enjoyed just wandering around the grounds enjoying the wildlife, waterfalls, and lovely shady foliage.







Another amazing experience included with our Go Las Vegas Card is the Fly LINQ Zipline. This twenty-million-dollar project features ten parallel zip-lines measuring 1,121-feet-long. Our passes included a flight in the seated position any time before 5 PM. The seated position was a perfect option for our family! Once we were all geared up with safety harnesses, weights, and a bag to keep all our belongings safe, we had a blast racing each other across the LINQ promenade at up to 35 mph. Before you leave, be sure to check out the photo taken of you in action and in full flight. You’ll have a chance to purchase a photo of yourself or your group before exiting near the base of the High Roller Observation Wheel.







All that Zip Lining and adventuring works up a thirst so we crossed over Las Vegas Boulevard to Senor Frogs at the Treasure Island Hotel. Our Go Las Vegas Card passes included an hour of open-bar drinks and 20% off all food purchases. Our kids were able to enjoy some awesome alcohol-free smoothie concoctions in a fun souvenir glass as part of this deal. Being that it was early in the afternoon we snagged a quiet table on the patio overlooking the Las Vegas Strip and the old pirate ship that had been used for Treasure Island’s nightly show while we enjoyed sharing some delicious appetizers like the enormous nachos and Mexican street-corn.







Refueled we ventured inside the Treasure Island Hotel to check out the Marvel’s Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. attraction. This interactive and educational experience puts you right into the world of the Marvel Universe as you train to become an “agent” of the “Scientific Training and Tactical Intelligence Operative Network” –S.T.A.T.I.O.N. -get it?

The attraction includes a huge range of props and Avengers’ operational equipment from the movies including Captain America’s uniform and shield, Bruce Banner’s laboratory, Vision’s birth cradle, Thor’s hammer, Ant-Man’s helmet, and Hawkeye Our favorite gallery displayed all the Iron Man suits. Many of the galleries feature interactive and hands-on elements such as being able to hop on Captain America’s motorcycle. The experience culminates in a face-off as a team in a fight against Ultron. It was one of our favorite attractions included on the Go Las Vegas pass!







The giant volcano in front of the Mirage resort was the first outdoor experience on the Strip and remains a fun stop when visiting Las Vegas with kids. The Volcano rumbles to life two to three times daily with a mix of, fire, water and light effects choreographed to tribal music and the sounds of an actual erupting volcano. The experience is most impressive at night, but it still makes for a great photo op during the day. The free show begins every hour on the hour from 8 pm to 10 pm but times change throughout the year so check the Mirage website for more info. There is also a beautiful 20,000-gallon saltwater aquarium filled with artificial corals behind the check-in desk. The lobby of the hotel also features a rainforest themed atrium with lagoons, waterfalls, lofty palms, and beautiful plants.






We crossed back to the other side of Las Vegas Boulevard to check out the Venetian Hotel and Gran Canal Shops. One of the best things about visiting Las Vegas with kids was the little glimpse it gave us of other cities around the world. The Venetian was another fun take on an iconic city. The stunning interior simulates a blue sky while more than 70 specialty stores and restaurants with faux Italian facades and architecture line a replica of a Venetian Canal. Gondoliers pilot boats under bridges and beside cafes while serenading guests with Italian songs and “living statues” perform daily in a replica of St. Mark’s Square. The highlight for our family was a trip to the gelato counter for a sweet treat that was every bit as good as I remember it being in actual Italy.







Also inside the Venetian Resort is Madame Tussauds Las Vegas. We learned from our visits to San Francisco and Los Angeles just how much our kids enjoy a visit to Madame Tussauds. Something about striking the perfect pose with the amazingly life-like representations of their favorite characters and celebrities tickles their fancy and is such fun for them. The first Madame Tussauds to open in America, the Las Vegas iteration features eight themed rooms ranging from television and film to music, sports, and Las Vegas legends. This was yet another attraction completely covered by our Go Las Vegas Card. Our admission even included the Marvel Superheroes 4D Experience an immersive experience that pairs 3-D film technology with special effects like wind, water, and even smells.







The Go Las Vegas Card also allows you to choose one of several included Las Vegas shows for each day of your pass. The first thing we did in the morning was pick up tickets for the early showing of VEGAS the Show at the Saxe Theater inside the Miracle Mile Shopping center. We returned after dinner to see this Broadway-style production. The show tells the story of Las Vegas through the decades in a fun way that helped our kids understand more of how the city came to be and how it got its glitzy reputation. Skilled performers paid homage to iconic stars like Elvis, Tina Turner, and the Rat Pack while more circus-like acts were just pure fun to watch!





If you’re not absolutely exhausted after the show and are looking for more thrills, you’ll want to check out the Stratosphere! The tallest free-standing tower in the U.S. is home to three adrenaline-filled rides at the top; Insanity, X Scream, and The Big Shot. You’ll spin around, shoot into the sky, and drop off the edge of the building. Pick one or do them all – it all depends on how brave you are! While you are up there — take in a 360º view across Vegas and see where Strip ends, and the desert begins. While the Go Card doesn’t include ride, tickets come with general admission to the Observation Deck, plus VIP Skip the Line Access. You must redeem your pass before midnight to gain entrance to the observation deck.










Just forty-five minutes outside of the strip between the border of Nevada and Arizona is the Hoover Dam. This marvel of modern engineering is well worth the short day trip from Las Vegas to see. Originally called the Boulder Dam it was constructed in 1935 to prevent flooding in the area, to help with irrigation in the desert and to generate hydroelectricity. These days, in addition to providing power the Dam also welcomes more than a million visitors each year as one of America’s most recognized landmarks.

There are three tour options; a self-guided tour of the Visitor’s Center ($10), the half-hour Power Plant tour ($15) and the one-hour Guided Dam Tour ($30). The Power Plant tour takes you through the Dam’s original construction tunnels to a viewing platform overlooking a 30-foot diameter penstock. Here you can feel the vibration created by water rushing through the pipe. You also get the chance to see 8 of the commercial generators in the Nevada Powerhouse.

We opted to do the one hour Guided Dam Tour because it included everything in the Power Plant tour as well as a visit to the historic tunnels and a ride in the original elevator to the top of Hoover Dam. Being inside the inspection tunnels at the center of Hoover Dam and being able to view the Colorado River from the inspection ventilation shaft was the coolest part of the experience. We’d highly recommend doing the full tour if your kids can hang for an hour.

We also had access to the visitor center and took some time to explore the interactive exhibits and galleries that educate you on how everything works. There are also some incredible vista points you won’t want to miss like the top-floor observation area and along the walkway at the top of the dam.







After heading back to Las Vegas, we headed to Container Park for dinner. This unique open-air shopping mall in Downtown Las Vegas is made from shipping containers. The complex features boutique shopping and dining, at the center of which is an interactive playground. Kids love the huge treehouse and a 33-foot-tall slide, bridges, and giant foam Lego-style building blocks.

There are several small restaurants to choose from for dinner. We recommend Big Erns Barbeque. The food was as good as it smelled, and the staff is fun to interact with. The portions are also very sharable for a family.

At the entrance of Container Park, everyone will get a kick out the giant mechanical praying mantis sculpture that shoots flames from its antennae in rhythm to music. Speaking of music, the area also hosts kid-friendly concerts and movie-nights.







Just down the road from Container Park is the Freemont Street Experience, otherwise known as Downtown Las Vegas. This area offers a covered pedestrian mall with live entertainment filling the airwaves, a zipline overhead and casinos on every side. It hosts some of Las Vegas’ more historic casinos like the Golden Nugget and definitely has more of a kitschy feel. This was a great area to shop for inexpensive souvenirs. The most notable attraction here is the “Viva Vision” light show. The 1,500-foot long video screen canopy, the largest in the world, is embedded with over 12 million LED bulbs that light up with eye-popping animation synchronized to music every hour on the hour between 6 pm-1 am for six minutes.

Note that the Viva Vision show takes place in the evenings only. We stayed for the first show and then scooted out of the area as it had more of an adult-only feel as it gets later. Our kids got a kick out of performers in unusual costumes, similar to what you might see at Times Square in New York City—but I also want to warn you that while some of the costumes will delight your kids—superheroes, Transformers and the like—you may also spot men and women in some pretty risqué get-ups. Consider what your kids can handle before hanging out here after dark.







Vegas is known as a “Sin City” for a reason: there are plenty of flashy outfits, “cover your kids’ eyes” billboards and conspicuous ads on the taxis that you may have to explain to your kids. The proportion of things that are inappropriate goes up as the sun goes down. So, stick to exploring Las Vegas with kids during the day. In Vegas, the party vibe only really begins when the sun sets. Solicitors, intoxicated people, and other characters are out in abundance at night. If you stick to touring during the day, you shouldn’t have too much trouble avoiding the more questionable side of Sin City.


While everything seems walkable, just getting from point to point in one hotel may make your kids (and YOU) exhausted. Plan your itinerary to group nearby attractions together and make use of public transportation or taxis. The Go Las Vegas Card also comes with access to the Hop-On Hop-Off Bus –this can be a wonderful way to save little legs from getting too tired.



If you plan to visit Las Vegas with kids, you also might want to take advantage of the Las Vegas Monorail which connects the resorts along the east side of the 4-mile Las Vegas Strip from MGM Grand to SLS Las Vegas. There are seven stops at popular points of interest. Kids under 5 years old ride free of charge and older kids and adults can take advantage of a multi-day pass option. Our Go Las Vegas Cards included a 24-Hour monorail pass for unlimited rides. With trains arriving every 4-8 minutes throughout the day, we never had to wait long.



There are also several free trams that run between some of the hotels on the west side of the strip that can save you some walking. There is a tram between the Monte Carlo, City Center and Bellagio and another that runs between Excalibur, Luxor, and Mandalay Bay. There’s also a tram that runs between The Mirage and Treasure Island.


It can get very crowded on the strip. It may same cheesy, but I highly recommend some type of coordinated clothing for your group, so they are easy to keep track of and spot if you get separated.




If you vacation during the hottest times of the year in Las Vegas, make sure to drink plenty of water, avoid too many outdoor activities on the same day and plan some family time at a kid-friendly pool.


Finally, I must recommend once more that you use a sightseeing Pass to save money. Las Vegas with kids can get expensive, so make sure to take advantage of the many free kid-friendly attractions listed above and utilize a sightseeing pass like the Go Las Vegas Card. Your days will be full of fun without spending a ton!



As you can see from our itinerary, there is a ton to do and see in just 3 days in Las Vegas with kids. So go ahead and Viva las Vegas –with the whole family!

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